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Be Your Own Hero (of Time)

I was going to start the great video games and art blogging experience of 2012 with Final Fantasy VII – an obvious choice. However, my old Nintendo 64 came back into my possession and I immediately started replaying Ocarina of Time. This … Continue reading

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I’m an Art Historian, Not Some Opera Floozy!

School’s out for summer! This means I can try to hold down a job(s?) while getting into my bad habit of being a creature of the night. This blog has been decaying and festering like a (really, fill in whatever … Continue reading

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A Call to (Better) Arms

I must talk about video games again, and I’ll have you know that while researching this post, I passed up an article called “Art and Death in the Middle Ages.” The sacrifices I make! Last week an article titled “Fantasy Armor … Continue reading

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Distant Worlds

My life fell apart this year. There’s not really a better way to say it. I lost the most precious things imaginable to me, including a lot of my self identity. Sorry to be such a downer. If you’ve been … Continue reading

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A Foray into Fangirldom

A little known fact about me – I used to be a huge Final Fantasy fan.  I’m not talking about the musician, but the video game franchise.  I don’t talk about that phase of my life too often because video … Continue reading

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