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Be Your Own Hero (of Time)

I was going to start the great video games and art blogging experience of 2012 with Final Fantasy VII – an obvious choice. However, my old Nintendo 64 came back into my possession and I immediately started replaying Ocarina of Time. This … Continue reading

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Parfait Amour!

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of the most polarizing holiday of the year, here are my favorite love related paintings: This first entry is by someone I talk about way too much: Caravaggio. But, as usual, he expresses things better … Continue reading

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Women, Sex, and Death: Part I

As an art historian and a feminist, I strangely have never devoted much of my education to the role of women in art.  Well, not too far beyond awareness of evolution in the role of male gaze and the virgin/whore … Continue reading

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Prince of Darkness

Caravaggiomania! Say that five times fast. Then say “the bad boy of Baroque is back” five times fast.  Well, according to ARTnews, he is. Carravaggio has all the making of a legend:  explosive talent with an even more explosive personality, … Continue reading

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Greatest Hits Part I

A week ago today I went to my favorite place in the world:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s a dizzying experience even before you walk in the front door, with its neoclassical facade stretching before you.  That feeling is … Continue reading

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