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Why Nietzsche would have been a gamer

Back when I was 19 and probably stupid, I wrote a run down on the Apollonian and Dionysian drives from an art historical perspective. My kindred spirit and one of my top five best grumpy Germans and fantasy dinner partners … Continue reading

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To Err is Molly

I’m not dead! Or at least not any deader than the last time I posted, uh…four months ago. I’m disappointed in me. I need to make a correction on an older post, When discussing depictions of Judith, I wrote: Remember, most Judith … Continue reading

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Hello hello and happy last year of the world! I’ve started a new semester full of fascinating courses, the contents of which I will promptly shove down your throats…after my classes tomorrow. For my first post of 2012, I’d like … Continue reading

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The Second Annual Starving Art Historian Gift Guide

What is it about gift guides, you guys? I will read stupid magazines I normally hate if it’s the holiday issue. There’s something about stuff just crammed onto one page and sorted into neat categories that makes me think having … Continue reading

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K-Pop You Don’t Stop

Sometimes I just want to listen to pop music. A lot of things fall under the umbrella of pop, but I’m not talking about clever indie bands and shufflin’ to the Shins (which I definitely do). I mean girly, dance-able … Continue reading

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In Loving Memory: The Cosmetology of Death

Death is inevitable. Especially on this blog. If I could write about death and botanical symbolism all day, I would be over the moon. So imagine my delight when, earlier this month, the fashion-forward U.K. beauty brand Illamasqua teamed up … Continue reading

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Test Your 19th Century Skills

Here’s something to temper your case of the Mondays. This geeky little game tests your knowledge of Victorian etiquette. According to my results, I’m a regular May Welland. Or, since the only question I got wrong was in women’s matters … Continue reading

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