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In Defense of Violence

After the terrible murders of the Aurora shooting on July 20th, it was inevitable that the familiar issue of the effects of violent media were brought up. You all know the question. Do violent movies, TV shows, and games desensitize … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable in My Own Skins

In December, I learned that MTV was  premiering a Skins adaption. Bryan Elsley, co-creator of the original and writer of some of the best Skins episodes ever, was also heavily involved in the American version. Then I watched the first … Continue reading

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TV Time: Skins (Part II)

Like many Skins fans, I was traumatized and heartbroken at the start of series 3.  I realize that the paradigm of changing “generations” every two series is probably for the best, but I missed the characters I had grown to … Continue reading

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TV Time: Skins

I interrupt your regular schedule of art history geek wet dreams to bring you something completely different.  I would like to discuss TV, and since it’s my blog, I’m going to go ahead and do it.  I want to write … Continue reading

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