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Critical Path – check it out now

If you love video games or are one of those weirdos not sold on their legitimacy as an art form, the Critical Path Project is something to see. Advertisements

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theowlofderision: Girls! Girls! Girls!

One of my favorite internet friends and fellow art historian (though she has serious cred), theowlofderision, wrote a post about the female nude in art, feminism, and the interplay of those two things. I like naked ladies. There, I said … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Artist as a…War Hero?

When we talk about war art*, there is a tendency to focus only on the subjects. How does a painting glorify or expose the brutality of a conflict? Are the soldiers and civilians treated with dignity? Is there an element … Continue reading

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Why, Kawaii

Flipping through the March issue of ARTnews, I happened on something amazing: a reason to write about Hello Kitty and art in the same post. The article in question, by Stephanie Murg, juxtaposes two art shows, one low and one … Continue reading

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Art in Distress

Bob Tobin, an art blogger for The Diplomat and expat/Gallery owner in Tokyo, wrote a poignant meditation on art’s place in our lives when our lives fall apart. The tragedy in Japan is almost unspeakable: over 7,000 people have died … Continue reading

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You know the one thing that can really bring more online awareness to art history? Cats. There’s not  much more to add here, so check out the other oh-so-appropriate insights at the fyeaharthistorymajorcat tumblr. It’s true, I do get very … Continue reading

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Who Watches the Art Watchers?

Yesterday, I read an excellent article by Timothy Aubry for Paper Monument‘s latest issue entitled “How to Behave in an Art Museum.” It may seem simple. Decorum dictates that we treat museums, their contents, and our fellow patrons with respect. … Continue reading

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