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How We War Now

At a talk at my university last month, a fellow student opined that the media, and in fact we as a society, don’t focus on peace enough. This sentiment begs the question of whether there’s such thing as peace without war. … Continue reading

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In Loving Memory: The Cosmetology of Death

Death is inevitable. Especially on this blog. If I could write about death and botanical symbolism all day, I would be over the moon. So imagine my delight when, earlier this month, the fashion-forward U.K. beauty brand Illamasqua teamed up … Continue reading

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The Importance of Falling Short?

I was thinking about food. No, this isn’t going to be one of those posts about how literally the first part of my moniker should be taken. But I do think about food a lot, and yesterday, I was thinking … Continue reading

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Philosophy…Not Exactly 101.

Oh, Philosophy. I don’t think I love or hate another discipline more. Art and philosophy are by nature very strange bedfellows – art history and philosophy possibly stranger. Art historians and philosophers both, to some extent, claim expertise in discussing … Continue reading

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Love the Art, Hate the Artist: J’adore Dior?

Late in February, the fashion world was shaken by the upsetting news that Dior head designer John Galliano was filmed spewing an anti-Semitic tirade in Paris. Galliano, who had been with Dior since 1997, was suspended and subsequently fired. The … Continue reading

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Once More, Without Feeling

In my philosophy class today, we were discussing the hypothetical problems of a person who, for whatever reason, has a fractured ability or total inability to experience and understand emotions.  The professor asked how this would hinder such a person’s … Continue reading

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