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Critical Path – check it out now

If you love video games or are one of those weirdos not sold on their legitimacy as an art form, the Critical Path Project is something to see. Advertisements

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In Defense of Violence

After the terrible murders of the Aurora shooting on July 20th, it was inevitable that the familiar issue of the effects of violent media were brought up. You all know the question. Do violent movies, TV shows, and games desensitize … Continue reading

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This is the Best Thing You’re Going to See Today

Illustrator Jed Henry is my new hero. He’s doing a series of traditional Japanese woodcuts featuring classic game characters. Check out his site for Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Metroid, and more! And if he launches a Kickstarter campaign for posters … Continue reading

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My Hatred is Too Low (to get mad about stilettos)

I’ve lost a good chunk of the last week and a half to¬†Diablo III. It’s my first action RPG, though it’s more action than RPG. While my¬†Final Fantasy binge therapy of fall 2011 was a distraction and this weird way … Continue reading

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theowlofderision: Girls! Girls! Girls!

One of my favorite internet friends and fellow art historian (though she has serious cred), theowlofderision, wrote a post about the female nude in art, feminism, and the interplay of those two things. I like naked ladies. There, I said … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Artist as a…War Hero?

When we talk about war art*, there is a tendency to focus only on the subjects. How does a painting glorify or expose the brutality of a conflict? Are the soldiers and civilians treated with dignity? Is there an element … Continue reading

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If You Liked Art History Major Cat…

You’ll love Art Historian Hedgehog!

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