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In Defense of Violence

After the terrible murders of the Aurora shooting on July 20th, it was inevitable that the familiar issue of the effects of violent media were brought up. You all know the question. Do violent movies, TV shows, and games desensitize … Continue reading

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Happy (?) Veterans Day, Have Some Historical Analysis

From a historian’s perspective, the creative output of the twentieth century’s major conflicts exhibits some interesting trends. The art made during and in response to war seems to mimic our self-view, and how that perception can interact with war itself: … Continue reading

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Women, Sex, and Death: Part I

As an art historian and a feminist, I strangely have never devoted much of my education to the role of women in art.  Well, not too far beyond awareness of evolution in the role of male gaze and the virgin/whore … Continue reading

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Ballet, Art, and Love

WARNING:  SPOILERS FOR BOTH “BLACK SWAN” AND “THE RED SHOES” Last week, I had the fascinating and disturbing experience that is watching Black Swan.  Going into it, I knew that the plot involved some of my very favorite things:  ballet, … Continue reading

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TSAH at the Movies

That’s right – I’ve decided I’ve been blogging long enough to make myself into an acronym, but I already digress. I have a confession.  I have never actually watched an artist biopic.  Granted, they tend to fly under the radar … Continue reading

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Breathing Life into an Old Fairytale

When I was younger I had the notion of writing a feminist retelling of the Pygmalion and Galatea myth, in which the Galatea character realizes she can’t be autonomous while being a mere creation of Pygmalion and…well, kills him.  This … Continue reading

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