To Err is Molly

I’m not dead! Or at least not any deader than the last time I posted, uh…four months ago. I’m disappointed in me.

I need to make a correction on an older post, When discussing depictions of Judith, I wrote:

Remember, most Judith paintings are by men. The most interesting one, however, is by a woman. Artemesia Gentileschi was a female “Carravagisti.” Not only is the cool composure gone in her painting, but it’s swung in the other direction. Judith is not squeamish. In fact, she rather seems to be enjoying the deed. The history is shady, but it’s possible that Gentileschi was raped as a young woman. So she’s turned the myth of the danger of the female sex on it’s head and executed a brutal revenge painting. As opposed to men merely falling into the dangers associated with women, Gentileschi asserts that they totally had it coming.

A commentor and I suspect Genileschi expert pointed out that there is ample evidence of the artist’s rape. So this is my official redaction of the “shady” bit.

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