I’m an Art Historian, Not Some Opera Floozy!


School’s out for summer! This means I can try to hold down a job(s?) while getting into my bad habit of being a creature of the night. This blog has been decaying and festering like a (really, fill in whatever you want) for FOUR DAMN MONTHS because I was alternately busy being happy, panicked about school, or a depressed hermit. But if I can blog from a hospital bed (you think I’m kidding), I can blog as a depressed hermit. But this depressed hermit plays a lot of video games to take her mind off a things.

If I ran the zoo that is this world, I would be the foremost and best video game art historian ever. I would write the defining survey of the history of art in the medium. I would shower the unwashed masses who still don’t think it’s a legitimate art form. Those weirdos! Even the anti violence crew. Fine art is never violent.

Do you think people during the Northern Renaissance were desensitized to violence?

I decided to try and see if I can dream the impossible dream. For the college senior thesis, it’d be fun to do something with vidja games and art. As practice, I’d like to pick a few games that epitomize artistic innovation and blog as I go.

So far my short list is Secret of ManaOcarina of Time (I REALLY want a re play), In the Shadow of the Colossus, a survey of artistic progress in the Final Fantasy series, same deal for the Diablo series, and the most cliche choice ever, Final Fantasy VII. It was never my favorite entry, but taking an art historical approach might give me a new perspective. I just hope there are not many art history bloggers writing about it at the moment.

There’ll still be breaks for the usual straight up art history business. If anyone still reads this blog (hi, parents), you’re more than welcome to suggest games you think are capital I Important. You are also more than welcome to create a fund to get me a better computer for gaming, a 3DS, and a PS3. I would like a purple DS if that’s possible. If not, just slap the Zelda cover on it.

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4 Responses to I’m an Art Historian, Not Some Opera Floozy!

  1. Mike10613 says:

    Lots of people who are into art are also into video games; but they can be artistic. Final Fantasy is a classic example. I keep thinking about buying a PS3 but I need a new camera to take pictures for my blog and I can;t really afford that!

    • That is very true. Some of my best friends…ok all of them are pretty adept at both. FF is my favorite series, but I want to branch out since it’s getting ridiculous how much brand loyalty I have to Square-Enix (rip Squaresoft), haha.

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  3. couldn’t agree more. history is a boring subject to delve in, making it visually enchanting is definitely the way to go.

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