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Of Robots and Art

Warbots and robotic art are two ever-growing fields of technology, but they often breeze past each other. The purpose of robotics in warfare seems to be to make conflict more efficient, safer, and smarter. Robotics in art, much like the … Continue reading

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How We War Now

At a talk at my university last month, a fellow student opined that the media, and in fact we as a society, don’t focus on peace enough. This sentiment begs the question of whether there’s such thing as peace without war. … Continue reading

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Happy (?) Veterans Day, Have Some Historical Analysis

From a historian’s perspective, the creative output of the twentieth century’s major conflicts exhibits some interesting trends. The art made during and in response to war seems to mimic our self-view, and how that perception can interact with war itself: … Continue reading

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When Art Surveys the Damage

The sun may have set on the British Empire, but recently artists have lit it back up. It’s not the most flattering light, either. Previously on TSAH for WIB, I wrote about how time cannot only heal the wounds of … Continue reading

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