Google Art Project Wins the Internet

google art project

I mean really, look at those brushstrokes!

I’m writing this blog post from than Van Gogh Museum.  I’m also writing it from the armchair of my apartment.  How, you may ask, is this possible?  Although I do entertain the Multiverse theory, it’s actually not that.  It’s on account of Google Art Project, possibly the best thing to happen to the internet since cats.  Google Art Project, which I refuse to call GAP, is the art geek’s Google Earth street view.  The project hosts a number of international museums, including the Met, the Uffizi, the National Gallery of London, and Versailles.  Hopefully in the near future this list will grow to include smaller and non-Western museums.

But what a start!  Of course using the feature doesn’t compare to physical museum going, but the project is helping further museums’ general goal:  wider access to art.  It’s also a curatorial coup.  Instead of merely looking at a work of art on the internet, project browsers can see it in context, right down to one of my favorite curatorial elements:  wall colors.  What’s more, you can zoom in on any piece of art you would like to examine more closely or learn more about.  I mean really zoom…we’re talking individual brushstrokes.

Now get out of here and start exploring!

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2 Responses to Google Art Project Wins the Internet

  1. Judy Davis says:

    Thanks, I’m glad to have this resource, I didn’t know it even existed.

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