“RoboGeisha” as a Metaphor for Contemporary Art


I had the…interesting experience of watching “RoboGeisha” tonight with some friends.  Ok.  This movie is bad.  Not good bad.  Bad bad.  The narrative structure is incomplete and none of the elements are new or exciting.  In short, it just doesn’t work.  As my boyfriend commented, “It’s so bad it makes you question what a movie should be.”  We talked further about how we don’t want movies made that make us wonder what a movie is.   We want good movies.

I feel the same way about some contemporary art.  I’m not going to name names.  That would be mean.  Anytime I see a piece of art that makes me do a double take, and not in a good way, there is almost always one defense out there for it.   This is the classic line, “It makes you question what art is.”  Sure, I’d be hard pressed to come up with a satisfying definition of art (other than anything with an extra-utilitarian purpose), but I think most of us know it when we see it.  If we have to question it, maybe it just isn’t.  Or, like “Robogeisha,” maybe it just isn’t any good.

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