From the Mouths of Patrons

I’m at The Columbia Museum of Art today typing up comments from a recent show.  “Innovation and Change:  Great Ceramics”  was one of our big spring shows.  Guest book comments tend to be a sea of “wonderful!” and “great exhibition,” but occasionally a few complaints arrive.  Here, three patron problems:

1. “Put things more child friendly in.  It gets boring for a 12 and 9 year old.”

Hmm.  This one is quite funny to me.  Maybe it’s the wording, as if the CMA just has a stash in the basement of child friendly art it can stick in on a moment’s notice.  That’s the cynic in me.  All jokes aside, though, it makes me sad when children are bored by art.

2. “How about a sign if I’m not supposes to take pictures.  If I missed it, how about a better one.”

This is somewhat legitimate.  I’m never quite sure if pictures are allowed or not, though I tend to assume it’s off limits unless told otherwise.  But no need to get fussy!  Just ask one of our friendly security guards what the rules are.

3. “Enjoyed exhibit – prefer briefer texts designed for folks with out MFA of PhD.”

This is my new favorite comment.  Look, it can be hard to read tiny text while trying to absorb everything in an exhibition, but the more information the better!  There are a lot of patrons, and you never know who will be interested in what.  It’s beneficial to have long descriptions because you can take what you want from it.  I say this as someone without an MFA or PhD.

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