Possible Met-Whitney Partnership in the Works?

A New York Times article on the Whitney’s move to the meatpacking district highlighted the problems that the museum faces in managing two buildings.  The move, scheduled to start in May with facilities opening sometime in 2015, poses a problem with the original Whitney building on Madison Avenue.  The old Breuer building cannot be sold in the near future due to stipulations by Leonard A. Lauder, the Whitney’s most generous donor.  It seems, however, that  a partnership with the Met may help solve problems for both museums:

Realizing that it cannot afford to run two buildings, the Whitney is in discussions with the Metropolitan Museum of Art about a possible partnership…the Met could embark on a much-needed renovation of its own galleries for modern and contemporary art, temporarily parking its collections at the Whitney.

The museums could also collaborate on shows, which would bring two of New York’s most iconic museums together.  It will be interesting to see not only the new building, but what the Met does with its modern and contemporary collection – two areas it does not usually emphasize.

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