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Great Remixes in Art History

In 1538, Titian completed his masterpiece “The Venus of Urbino.”  It was very much in line with the Venetian tradition.  I.e. it was designed wholly for the male gaze.  The Venus figure is meant to be subject to the viewer, … Continue reading

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Curatorial Corner: What Stands Out?

There are a lot of people who think curators are just the guys who hang things on the wall.  First of all, they don’t.  They do decide what goes on the wall and where it’s placed, but there’s so much … Continue reading

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Up with the Times

Today I had the privilege of sitting in on a strategic planning meeting for the Columbia Museum of Art.  One of the most important topics brought to the table was how institutions such as museums and libraries should modernize themselves.  … Continue reading

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West to East to West

Attention those of you in the Philadelphia area (or those of you with large travel budgets):  The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a show that sounds positively engrossing.  “Picturing the West” is a collection of Japanese works from the seaside … Continue reading

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Science Fail: The Crazy Way to Deal With Crazy

In the early nineteenth century, information about mental illness was limited to say the least.  There was even a surprising “study” done at the intersection of art and science. Psychiatrist Etienne-Jean Georget, among other scientists at the time, believed that … Continue reading

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And Now for Something Completely Different

When I mentioned having a print of “Starry Night” in my apartment, I’m sure some of you thought how cliche!  Why yes, it is somewhat ubiquitous.  That painting, however, has a very special meaning to me.  It probably means a … Continue reading

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In the Flesh

While working on my comment project again today, this time for spring 2010’s “Chemistry of Color,” I started thinking back to when the show was actually here.  The show brought works by 41 contemporary African American artists to the CMA.  … Continue reading

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